Due Diligence/Transaction Support
Scope of Our Services
  • Detailed review of leases, with reporting on the financial and legal implications of each
  • Verifying historical income, expenses and cash flow
  • Creating projections of future income, expenses and cash flow
  • Computerized cash flow modeling, using software such as Argus, Excel, etc.
  • Preparing market analyses
  • Writing the marketing package
  • Review and analysis of mortgages to be assumed, land leases and other title conditions
  • Supervising and coordinating the work of other professionals including engineers, lawyers, appraisers, etc.
Our people have participated in transactions from all sides: as buyer, as vendor, as lender and as advisor.  We know from personal experience what each side needs and wants to know about a property.

Our deep and varied experience makes us an ideal choice to assist vendors, realtors and purchasers in valuations, preparations for sale, and due diligence.